Monday, December 5, 2011

Working Mama

Well, one week into working and it's been a really big challenge.  Honestly, I'm not sure that's the right word because it's probably physically easier to leave my little guy with my mom or my mother-in-law (who are amazing and taking turns keeping him while I'm at work for now).  It's easier to go and sit at my desk and do my job as long as I can mentally stay focused on my work.  Emotionally, it's incredibly trying.  I just feel like my priorities have done a 180 and this whole "making, moving and selling chips" that I do at work, while important for a paycheck, is really kinda low on the totum pole.  I'm sure having a baby does that to anyone but having a wittle bity baby that's so delicate and you fight to get big and healthy....well that REALLY does a number on you and makes you re-evaluate it all. 

That all being said, most of the people at work have been really supported and put up with all my "proud mama stories".   Who woulda thought I'd be one of the crazy moms that pulls out pictures to anyone who asks me how my son is doing? 

Speaking of... dontcha want to know how my boy is doing?!?!?!  We still can't believe his cuteness factor continues to go up and up...  Check these bad boys out from his newborn session...

 sweet baby boy... 
photos courtesy of - Luke's newborn pics

And compare those to some we took just a week or so ago - same amazing photographer

please disregard my hair.  Ugh, the wind wouldn't cooperate!

and with the whole extended Walker fam

Obviously, my little man is getting so big so fast.  We know we aren't supposed to wish away this time, but we can't help but thinking about next year, how he'll be mobile, eating off our plates and maybe even a little into the excitement of the Christmas season, or at least the excitement of getting gifts! 

We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for a 4 month check up (and shots...) and to the pulmonologist on Wednesday for his second round of a live culture immuno-therapy (another shot...) to help fight against the nasty and dreaded RSV.  I'll post 4 month stats soon!  Say a prayer that he takes these shots like a champ.  Last time was pretty hard on him, but harder on this mama!

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