Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm alive!

Wow!  I've been totally MIA lately and I have no excuse.  Well, I guess that's not entirely true.  I really haven't felt like I had anything to talk about lately, except for work and how much fun can that possibly be?  Not much, let me assure you (and poor Dude's Dude can vouch for that!)  I think it's pretty pathetic that I've already taken a "hiatus" from blogging since this whole blog thing is still so new to me.  But I didn't even take any pictures over pathetic is that? and how boring are posts without pictures?  So, while I think of something completely brilliant to write, you guys don't give up on me!  I'll write later when I'm not feeling so drained from work.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  Christmas will be here before we know it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that....

So, this is all a bit random, but here's some random thoughts for today:

1.  Dude's Dude had a birthday!  He's thirty now.  That's like a real adult.  Yuck.

2.  I'm pretty sure I failed miserably on Dude's Dude's birthday gifts.  A list of boring is pretty much what he got.  Practicality just doesn't ever get anyone jumping for joy.

3.  Next weekend is Thanksgiving and I have the week off of work.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have some free time.  I already have lotsof projects lined up to keep me busy.  More to come on that later but it does include Chrimstas decorations, shopping for gifts and cleaning the garage.

4.  Do you ever have to play politics in your office?  I do and it just makes me want to throw my hands
up and yell "uncle"!  Who has time for that at work?  Dumb.

5.  We got tickets to watch the Cowboys game this weekend and next -- Dallas Cowboys this Sunday, Oklahoma State Cowboys the next.  And that suits me fine because it kind of goes hand in hand with Thanksgiving. 

6.  Do you make a list of things that you are Thankful for every year?  I try to but this year am trying to resist it because the summary of my 2010 is that I'm thankful this one's over!  Bad attitude, I know, so who wants to put that down "on record"?!?!  

7.  But for real.  Yay for 2011!  I AM THANKFUL for the light at the end of the tunnel and the things I know are to come.  Big blessings in store for us.... I just know it!

8.  Do 6 and 7 make me slightly bi-polar?

9.  One Dallas radio station is already playing Christmas music 24/7 and it makes me mad.  I love Christmas music, but something about starting this early takes away a little bit of the excitement.

10. Have a great day!  I can't think of a tenth thing but it seems wierd to end with 9.  So there you have it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday already? And a funny story

I absolutely can not belive it is already Friday!  We have a fun weekend planned - Dude's Dude turns 30 on Sunday so we are going to attempt to act like it's his 21st.  But first, a funny story:

You may or may not know that Dude's Dude loves some video game time.  I'm talking, wearing a headset, shooting up villages, black ops type games where he aggressively competes with every 14 to 18 year old possible.  The upside is that it forces him to "watch his language" and "deal appropriately with aggression".  The downside, is that he has been known to play for hours, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning, with that stupid headset on.  But, I try to be the supportive wife and he and his buddy J seem to have fun with it.

The other day, I met Dude's Dude and J for lunch and J had a mortifying story to tell.  The new edition of some game had come out and both guys had pre-ordered it only to find out people were CAMPING OUT for this stupid game.  Both guys decided they would wait in line (not camp out, but show up at for about two hours in line) for their chance to be one of the first to get the game so as to avoid losing any competitive edge with said 14 year olds.

WELL, poor J...  as he was standing in line, "a bunch of 18 year olds driving daddy's car drove by and yelled 'LOSERS!!!  GET A LIFE' and sped off".  Yes, J and Dude's Dude are thirty year old men, being targeted by the "cool kids" as losers!  HA!  I warned them that game was dorking them out!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Rollercoaster

Man!  Some weekends are a roller coaster of running like crazy until we crash into laziness and others are more of an emotional roller coaster.  This weekend, well, it was a little bit of both!

First of all, work has been whipping my tail lately.  I'm really trying to prove myself at work and it's starting to take it's toll on me.  But, nonetheless, I left work around 5:30 or so on Friday to grab Riley and drop him off at my parent's for the weekend.  I'm so lucky my parents are always so willing to watch him!

After ditching dropping off Riley, we loaded up Annabelle and headed to Oklahoma City to celebrate Dude's Dude's  Dude's Dudes' Dude Dude's  (still not sure that's right- ha!).... um, the hubby's?... upcoming 30th birthday with his family.  We lucked out and got tickets from a very generous friend (and huge OSU fan) to go to the OSU/Baylor game.  The game was great... the car trouble on the way there, not-so-much!  At least we made it safe and sound to Firestone. We had a great time at the game and OSU played a fantastic game, which made for a happy Dude's Dude and father-in-law once we picked the car up from Firestone and headed back to Oklahoma City. 

The rest of Saturday was spent with sweet friend's at the usual restaurant spot.  Doesn't she look tiny and squished in between our two burly men (her husband and Dude's Dude)?  Oh, and don't be jealous of the fancy "mural" behind them - the food is dang good!

Sunday, I woke up to get ready Dude's Dude's memaw's 90th Birthday party.  That was an emotional afternoon - memaw had a stroke a year or so before we started dating and has been unable to talk.  Sometimes you can just see something spark in her eyes - I swear she was holding Dude's Dude's hand and remembering her husband.  Such a mixed reaction of feeling blessed that she is still around but sad that she can't be more a part of her own celebration.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's only three weeks away!

Sure, I'm excited about Thanksgiving as the next person.  But what really excites me around this time of the year is Christmas, the shopping that comes along with it, and Starbucks peppermint lattes.  That being said, BLACK FRIDAY IS ONLY THREE WEEKS AWAY!  Do you have your game plan yet?
If not, or honestly, even if you think you do, you should definitely check this out.  Black Friday is hit or miss for me and Dude's Dude.  (Yes, I'm a mean wife.  Yes, I drag him around in the madness of Black Friday.  But honestly, yes, I think Dude's Dude likes it a little more than you might imagine.)  The key to keeping your sanity on Black Friday is scouring the deals in advance, making your list, and throwing some elbows.  Ok, disregard that last part.  But truth be told, the savings are out there if you plan ahead.  It will be an early morning but hopefully a good kick-off to get you in the Christmas spirit! 

Ladies, get your shopping shoes on and start prepping for Black Friday!  It'll be here before you know it!