Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Rollercoaster

Man!  Some weekends are a roller coaster of running like crazy until we crash into laziness and others are more of an emotional roller coaster.  This weekend, well, it was a little bit of both!

First of all, work has been whipping my tail lately.  I'm really trying to prove myself at work and it's starting to take it's toll on me.  But, nonetheless, I left work around 5:30 or so on Friday to grab Riley and drop him off at my parent's for the weekend.  I'm so lucky my parents are always so willing to watch him!

After ditching dropping off Riley, we loaded up Annabelle and headed to Oklahoma City to celebrate Dude's Dude's  Dude's Dudes' Dude Dude's  (still not sure that's right- ha!).... um, the hubby's?... upcoming 30th birthday with his family.  We lucked out and got tickets from a very generous friend (and huge OSU fan) to go to the OSU/Baylor game.  The game was great... the car trouble on the way there, not-so-much!  At least we made it safe and sound to Firestone. We had a great time at the game and OSU played a fantastic game, which made for a happy Dude's Dude and father-in-law once we picked the car up from Firestone and headed back to Oklahoma City. 

The rest of Saturday was spent with sweet friend's at the usual restaurant spot.  Doesn't she look tiny and squished in between our two burly men (her husband and Dude's Dude)?  Oh, and don't be jealous of the fancy "mural" behind them - the food is dang good!

Sunday, I woke up to get ready Dude's Dude's memaw's 90th Birthday party.  That was an emotional afternoon - memaw had a stroke a year or so before we started dating and has been unable to talk.  Sometimes you can just see something spark in her eyes - I swear she was holding Dude's Dude's hand and remembering her husband.  Such a mixed reaction of feeling blessed that she is still around but sad that she can't be more a part of her own celebration.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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