Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still Cookin...

Baby Luke is still cooking but it sounds like we might be meeting him sooner rather than later.  Funny, you can barely tell I'm pregnant in this pic......  ha!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've got this all figured out...

Don't worry...I'm pretty sure I've got this all figured out for the medical community.  No, I'm talking about parenting... Lord knows I need all the wisdom I can get before little dude arrives in a couple months.  But this whole post partum depression deal.  No wonder women get all down in the dumps after giving birth.  It must be a culture shock after all the smiles and pleasantries from random strangers during pregnancy! 

For example...

I just went to grab some lunch.  Nothing fancy, just a sandwich from Einstein's Bagels (their spicy tomato spread is really awesome- try it!).  So, first, they bring another person up front to take my order (and there were only two other people in line).  The guy taking my order chats me up about is it my first, is it a boy or a girl, are we so excited or getting nervous, yada yada yada.  Nice right?  Then, I get to the next "station" where I go to pay and the girl is all, "You definitely need an iced sugar cookie" and gave it to me for free.  I'm thinking, wow these people are so sweet - or I look miserable with swollen ankles and sweat poring down my face. But honestly, I think they really were that nice. 

So then....

I'm standing there waiting for my lunch and this random guy who is also waiting for his food started making the standard preggo small talk --- due date, sex, what hospital, who's my doctor (found out this guy was also a doctor and used the same hospital...good to know I guess).  Since people at my office are so dang quiet all day it was kinda nice just to chat for a few minutes.  Then he's all, "can I ask you a favor?" and I got real nervous and was like "sure" and he said, "could I give you this cash?  I don't have my wallet on me and I don't have any pockets in these shorts.  They won't take tips and I won't be able to carry my order and my change." 

Kinda weird right, but then the guy hands me $14.  Huh?  People just give pregnant ladies free money?  WOW.  So now I can't decide if maybe I'm just looking really ratty today - I mean do I look like I can't afford the cookie?  Do  I look like $14 is going to make or break me?!?!?  What the --- !!!!!

--- Sorry, that must have been my hormones talking---

So,  anyways, I didn't feel right about taking the money so (sorry, Dude's Dude...I know you're going to think I'm a nut but...) I gave it to this little girl that was sitting having lunch with her mom and told the man that she would be able to get something nice.

How's that for proof of my hypothesis that the world is much nicer to preggos?  No wonder it's all going to seem a little overwhelming (and less friendly) when I no longer am a swollen, sweaty pregnant mess!  How could it not in comparison? 

Oh, and Dude's Dude - don't worry.  I think I totally scored us some points for good karma when I gave the cash to the little girl.