Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little turbulance

Funny story about my first trimester that I know I will never forget!  I was about nine weeks pregnant, in the midst of feeling pretty awful.  Now, to be fair, I wasn't one of those that literally couldn't keep food down.  I just felt nauxious all day every day for a couple weeks.  I may or may not have thrown up in some awkward places (side of the Dallas Tollroad, anyone?) but felt like I was pretty fortunate to be moving right along....  Until I realized the Monday after "spring forward" time change, I had a 6am flight to Lincoln, Nebraska for work.  Now, as "glamorous" as Lincoln sounds, I'm sure you can imagine I was less than thrilled.  But honestly, I figured it'd be fine.  I'd board the plane and then catch up on some sleep.  HA!  I was so wrong.

First, I get to the airport and go to checkin and the self service kiosk.  No go.  My itinerary won't pull up.  I see a ticket agent who tells me that although I booked through this airline, I would be flying on a partner airline and would need to go about thirty gates down to check in and board.  HUH?  Oh, and it's the Monday of Spring Break so every slow walking, toddler wearing a leash thingy, mom juggling a million things and trying to walk family is loitering making their way to their destinations.  So, I decide to go outside the terminal to run power walk to my gate.  Until I see my watch and realize that my plane is boarding in thirty minutes and I still have that hellish security line to go through.  So now I'm literally sprinting.  Full on work-out style.  And if I'm being honest...probably sweating a bit too.  (Yes it's March.  Yes, I'm a sweater when I run.  Which is why it's a rare thing, k????)  But, I make it to through check-in, cut in line to get through security ahead of all the slow moving families (heartless I know) and get to my gate in time to board.  Barely.  I'm the last to get on the plane.

Of course, the plane only holds about twenty people so I rationalize that being the last "5%" to get on the plane isn't so bad.  So I take my window seat next to the business man reading his Wall Street Journal and thank God that I'm next to a small, nerdy type instead of an overweight BO type.  That's my M.O. and nobody's taking it from me!  After take-off the flight attendant announces that we are expecting a bumpy ride and the captain has requested that everyone remain in their seats, with seatbelts fastened.  No big deal, except that the turbulence kicks in right about the same time as my morning sickness.  Afraid to "break any rules" and get out of my seat, I remove the dreaded barf bag from the seat pocket.  Just in case.  And then.  It.  Happens.  I have to actually USE the barf bag.  As the business man trys to make himself even smaller in an attempt to put any sort of space between himself and the violently heaving stinky girl.

Yep, that's me.  Awesome.  Welcome to Lincoln friggin Nebraska.  UGH.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm no good!

Geez.  I'm a terrible blogger.  Hopefully, that's not a surprise to the two or three of ya'll that may periodically check up on me!  But honestly, I sometimes wonder if I don't just prefer to live life rather than document it.  Strange since I really like to write, but it's just so hard for me to take the time to sit down and reflect on what's been going on.  Same with pictures.... I'm so bad about stepping out of the moment and actually remembering to capture the moments.  Hopefully I never loose my memories, because that's about all I have to show for where we've been!

Except, I mean, there's the given.  Obviously, growing a tiny human is exhausting but I'm starting to get some energy back.  Just in time for our move.  Yep, once again we're on the move.  You'd think we are outlaws or something, as often as we move.  This one though, we're pretty excited about.  Moving out of the sticks where we've been pretty unhappy since day one and moving to my parents neighborhood in Frisco.  We're pretty much down the street from my mom and dad and my brother and his wife (along with their kids).  So, we're really excited about that.  Not to mention it provides the perfect opportunity for some much needed extra help once the little one gets here. 

But I suppose you guys want some pictures....hmmm... well, I haven't downloaded the pics from my California trip yet so a camera phone picture of the belly this week will have to hold you over.  Don't be scared...I go to the doctor on Thursday and am going to confirm the due date.  I'm thinking I have to be further along than 17 weeks....RIGHT!?!?!  If not, holy huge baby....

please ignore the ratty pajamas, no make up and smirk...I still can't see my reflection and not giggle!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Since my girls weekend is coming up and I plan on relaxing and doing a whole lotta nuthin, I will get caught up on posting some pics and funny stories later this week.  For now, let me just say that I thought last week my bump said "baby" and not so much "overweight".  And maybe it did.  See, here's last week.
sorry for the self I could do with what energy I had

Let me just go ahead and tell you... it popped out even more by Sunday morning.  I must be growing a beast- this is already outta control!  Considering Dude's Dude was a 12 pound baby, I won't be too shocked if we have a big baby.  BUT I'll just own up to the fact that I'm a little shocked at how quickly this bump is growing from a bump to a mound!  Have a great afternoon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

First come loves. Then come Marriage. Then comes...

That's right!  Baby Turner is on the way!  I'm finally past the first trimester yucks and happy to announce a healthy happy baby.  We were waiting to make it official on "the internets" until we finished our first trimester and had the neuchal fold test (and I of course had to let work know first, that'll be another post).  BTW, have you guys heard of a neuchal fold?  Talk about amazing...
A.  There's a tiny person growing inside me!  That's insane!
B.  He/She is only about 3 oz this week and nearly 13 weeks along.
C.  They were able to measure along the spine to check for any chromosomal abnormalities.  And nothing!  Which of course, was music to this mama to be and daddy to be's ears! 

The sonagrapher must have said "perfect" at least four or five times.  Which got my heart racing.  And speaking of hearts, we finally heard the heartbeat.  And my heart melted....

SO, here's little Turner's intro to blog land.  I hope this little one is ready to join our crazy family this fall.  With a due date of Oct. 8, it's going to be a long hot summer but I couldn't be happier about it!

I know, I know.  I'll probably be singing a different tune this summer.  But to be honest, even when I was feeling really crappy, throwing up...on a plane... in a barf bag... at my seat (yes, that happened but that's a story for another day)... I've been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  If that's what it takes to have a healthy baby, sign me up.  So far, I'm enjoying this miracle and not taking a thing for granted.  But yes, when the thermometer tips above 100 I can almost guarantee that I might complain a little. 

So, I'll catch everyone up in the next few posts about how I told Dude's Dude, how we told our parents, and what else we've been up to.  Until then, happy Friday!  We have a weekend of beautiful weather planned here in Dallas so I'm anxious to get some sun on my legs!  Have a great weekend~