Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday already? And a funny story

I absolutely can not belive it is already Friday!  We have a fun weekend planned - Dude's Dude turns 30 on Sunday so we are going to attempt to act like it's his 21st.  But first, a funny story:

You may or may not know that Dude's Dude loves some video game time.  I'm talking, wearing a headset, shooting up villages, black ops type games where he aggressively competes with every 14 to 18 year old possible.  The upside is that it forces him to "watch his language" and "deal appropriately with aggression".  The downside, is that he has been known to play for hours, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning, with that stupid headset on.  But, I try to be the supportive wife and he and his buddy J seem to have fun with it.

The other day, I met Dude's Dude and J for lunch and J had a mortifying story to tell.  The new edition of some game had come out and both guys had pre-ordered it only to find out people were CAMPING OUT for this stupid game.  Both guys decided they would wait in line (not camp out, but show up at for about two hours in line) for their chance to be one of the first to get the game so as to avoid losing any competitive edge with said 14 year olds.

WELL, poor J...  as he was standing in line, "a bunch of 18 year olds driving daddy's car drove by and yelled 'LOSERS!!!  GET A LIFE' and sped off".  Yes, J and Dude's Dude are thirty year old men, being targeted by the "cool kids" as losers!  HA!  I warned them that game was dorking them out!

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