Thursday, December 8, 2011

On a Roll!

Woah.  I'm actually posting AGAIN!  YOWZERS.  And get this...more pics too!  YESSSSSS...

Here's the some more pictures from our extended family Christmas photos.  Love the pics - love the photographer.  Love my boys.... Just love them.

While Luke was inside warming up, mommy and daddy got some pics alone...

Then Luke joined the fun.  Here's a couple of my boys... Mainly because he and daddy have matching wool pea coats on.  And who could pass up a picture of a daddy and son matching!  HA!

There's more with my extended family and some with all three of us in my previous post.  And if I'm being honest with you, there's one more that's my favorite of just us Turners but that one will have to be posted after I get my Christmas cards sent out! 

Thanks, Leslie for another great round of pictures.  It was cold and windy but way to make the best of it! 

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  1. Pics are *gorgeous* and I'm just swooning over the matching pea-coats!!!