Friday, December 16, 2011

Luke's Birth Story - Part I

I know I should have posted this sooner rather than later so I wouldn't forget all the details.  But ya'll....there's some details I WANT to forget!  What a wild experience.  It's pretty emotional (still) for me but with all the people asking "what happened...did you just....go into labor?" and other questions along those lines, I thought the time has come to tell the story of Luke's original birth day.

So...back up a few days prior (3 to be exact) from Luke's birthday.  That Wednesday, I went in for a checkup. My blood pressure was high and my in utero fluids were high.  They thought that was strange because usually if one is high the other is low and vice versa.  So off to the hospital we went, all kinds of freaked out.  Worried about our sweet little man's health.  And we get there, get plugged into monitors and my blood pressure was...fine.  Completely 100% normal.  For over three hours.  So I was released with a note to go on "modified bed rest".  I was told this means no going into the office, no errands, etc. but I didn't have to be flat on my back all day.  Sounded great to me!

So Thursday, late afternoon I met some friends at the pool for some relaxing floating around.  One of the girls was also pregnant and due the day before me so we talked about how we hoped we'd go into labor early since we felt so huge.  Surely our little babies must be massive.  WELL, little did I know!

Friday, I was mostly good about modified bed rest.  I worked some from home while in bed, but we had company coming in to town for our couple's shower on Saturday so I convinced my mom to drive me to the grocery store to grab some fresh flowers and some cinnamon rolls.  I just didn't feel right at the store.  Mom invited me to come down for dinner and I just felt like I needed to go  home and lay down.  And as I did, I started feeling some cramping.  Nothing crazy but it was out of the ordinary and something made me think to time them.  I ended up paging my doctor when I realized they were at regular intervals -- 9 minutes apart.

My doctor, who is not only an amazing doctor but a fantastic person in general, told me nonchalantly that he'd like me to come by the hospital just to "check things out".  I literally put on a sundress and wedges and figured we'd go out to eat afterwards.  No bags packed, no PJs, no toothbrush.... nothing.  Kelsey and I walked into the hospital after talking about how we wouldn't even tell anyone we were going to the hospital since I just felt ridiculous. I mean, we didn't want everyone knowing at our shower on Saturday that I had been at the hospital for "nothing".

Our nurse met up with us in the lobby and took me back to labor and delivery.  I kept saying, "I'm sure I'm crazy and it's nothing.  I'm just paranoid after being here the other day..." blah blah blah.  Ya'll, I really thought I was crazy.  Of course, there's no WAY I could be in labor.  I wasn't due for another two months!!!

Katie (who is awesome and if you're pregnant you should a.) deliver at Baylor Frisco and b.) request Katie in L&D.... you can thank me later Katie, when all the crazies head your way!!!!) Anyways....Katie was our nurse and she is awesome.  She joked around, kept us calm and for the most part, let me know that they were just monitoring things.  Nothing was showing up as a contraction on the monitors but she could feel them on my belly.  Wait, what?  These are...contractions???   HOLY....

There was a lot of laying around, talking, laughing and waiting.  Waiting to see what my body would do.  what our sweet baby would do. At one point, Katie and two other nurses rushed in and I thought they were flipping me over a joke, you know to see my butt or something?  Who knows.  But that's how relaxed it was.  And how funny Katie is.  But, apparently, they were NOT joking and I needed to turn immediately.  Luke's little heart rate had dropped momentarily and by re-positioning me it went back up on it's own.  So, that bought me the night, guaranteed.  Katie said they would keep me but could take me off the monitors at midnight.  I thought she was crazy.  What's the point in being at the hospital if I'm just laying in bed, unplugged from everything?  Whatever, crazy nurse.  ;)

From this point on, my times are all of.  I took some medicine to help me sleep and at what I think was 2am, I woke up with some serious cramping.  I think it was at this point that they started merconium (iffy on the name, but it was medicine to stop my contractions and to halt labor).  My doctor came by and explained that now I had bought myself an extended stay in the hospital.  He even said, "Of course, if you make it to 35 weeks you can go home because at that point it's fine if you go into labor but you'll be here otherwise".  I thought yuck.  Who wants to be in the hospital for FIVE weeks?  Well, I got what I wished for.  I wasn't in the hospital but another two days.

To be continued.....

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