Monday, May 9, 2011

Uh oh... Do I really!?!?!

So, this story is equal parts humiliating and funny.  Or maybe just funny because I had to laugh to wave off my embarrassment in public.  So, you know the super cute espadrilles that have the wedge heel and the ankle strap?  Well, I have a slight love affair with them.  I want a pair so bad.  But not just any pair...I've been lusting after a particular pair that is far beyond this mama-to-be's budget.  Yesterday, as my mom and I were celebrating mother's day shopping, I spied a cheaper, knock-off version of the shoes that have captured my heart.  YES!  So I eagerly asked the sales lady if she could bring out a size 5 1/2 (rarely actually in stock but worth a shot).  They did - YES!!! 


Cute, right?  (And these are the knock offs!) So I tried to put them on quickly, anxious to see if they were as a great as the "real deal" - the ones that made my legs looks long and lean and even a bit muscular (no complaints with those from this 5'3" preggo build at all!).  So far, so good....

Until the ankle strap wouldn't fit around my ankle!  Are you kidding me?  Could it be? 

"Oh my gosh...this mama may have cankles!" was all I could mutter out before bursting out laughing.  The sales lady was so sweet and asked if I'd like her to try. All I could manage to say in between obnoxious laughing was "Honestly?  No, I think I need to leave!" 

Agh!  Mama - 0.    Cankles - 1.

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