Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Yep, our little one is a boy!  It makes it seem so real, you know, that it's a person and not a mango, sweet potato, canteloupe or whatever else my crazy books decide to chose for the weekly size comparison.  (He is currently the size of a sweet potato, 5.5 inches from head to booty for those that are curious.)  But for him being so small, well, this mama is already spoiling him with palatial-sized digs.  Yep, I'm feeling like I must be building him a mansion - I'm sporting quite a round tummy!

Before scolding me, this car was in park and I was waiting in a parking spot.  No danger to mama or baby here!

Speaking of spoiling this little man rotten, the shopping has already started.  In fact, Luke James (that's his name, did I mention that?!?!?!) already has his very first pair of golf shoes (complete with leather tassle), football jersey (it's a 2T but it works!) and even a manly little Wrangler onesie.  I'm gearing up to be outnumbered but couldn't be more excited about it!  And, until this little man has a say, I'm doing his room up right, boy colors all the way but matching the way I want.  He won't mind.  Cuz he already loves his mama.  See he's even smiling for pictures --- such a good boy!

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