Monday, May 16, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

So, this weekend was one of those that makes you wonder if it's the calm before the storm!  Dude's Dude was out of town and I had a weekend of R&R (and shopping)!  We recently moved to a new house - and love it! - but it needed some flowers and such.  So I forgot to get a before and after of the back -- but here's the front
And I added these gorgeous flowers on the front porch - no idea what they are so don't even ask!

And my sweet mama, painted the flower boxes in the back AND planted the flowers!  I know I'm spoiled...and she's the best!!!

And, not only did my mom get my yard into shape, she also took this mom-to-be shopping.  I must have tried on every maternity dress in the metroplex trying to find a couple for several weddings we are attending in June.  No luck on any dresses, but I did get these cute tops for work (and play):

I must confess, this last one is way cuter than it looks here - especially with my new white jeans!  LOVE IT!

I also finished reading The Help which I highly recommend!  It's going to be a movie soon (this summer I heard?) so if you're interested in reading it before seeing it, you better get on it!  It was a great read and the perfect topper to a relaxing weeked. 

And, here's the dreaded self-portrait in poor i-phone quality.  Yes, I'm in PJs...again.  With no make-up on so I intentionally blocked my face.  And NO, I'm not so swollen that I can't wear my wedding ring.  It was 8:30 on a Saturday night my bedtime and I was cozy....  So, here I am in all my 20 week glory!

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