Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

This makes me smile for so many reasons.

1.  Kelsey + Luke = BFFs!

2.  Besides his daddy, Luke is basically obsessed with TV and iPhones.  I know we should find other ways to entertain him but, well, sometimes we need the easy way out.  He will literally sit down anyplace if offered the chance to watch.

3.  Look at our poor old Annabelle, looking all beat down.  She used to be so spoiled!  And we still love her but it's clear she knows she's fallen a few notches.

4.  The drapes we hung in our bedroom when we moved in almost two years ago and vowed to replace ASAP.... still hanging too short in the background.

Yep, a picture's worth a thousand words!  Happy Humpday!

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