Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mom Guilt

Well, it's official.  Worst case of mom guilt.  EVER.  Kels and I both noticed Luke's teeth looked funny on they had this line across the front of his top two teeth.  The nanny noticed yesterday too so I'm hoping guessing it just showed up... surely the odds of all three of us overlooking that is just impossible.  Anyways, like any overreacting responsible parent, I called the pediatrician's office.  She mentioned a couple potential culprits (breathing treatments, medications, bedtime bottles, vitamins, or if he bumped his teeth on something) but said regardless, she would like us to get in to see a dentist. 

I did my research last night and called a pediatric dentist this morning.  And we go tomorrow!  I have no idea how they will get my wiggle worm to lay still, let alone open  his mouth without him biting them like a wild animal.  I told them I can barely change his diaper but I wish them all the luck in the world, so we'll see.

If you think of it, say a little prayer at 8:30 tomorrow morning for Luke's sake (and mine!).  Not sure who will need the nitrous more, me or him!  We're hoping he just needs a cleaning and that it's not from a huge mommy FAIL of giving him a bottle before bed. (Yes, I still give him a bedtime bottle and no I don't need a lecture on how he doesn't need a bottle anymore...point has clearly been made.) Oh, and if you're not sure why to avoid bedtime bottles, google "baby bottle rot". 

Good Lord, don't let my babies teeth rot and fall out of his mouth.  He's much too handsome to be toothless!!!!!  I already have visions of his first day of school pics with a backpack and no teeth.  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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  1. We are trying to wean the girls off bottles now and they aren't having it! they hate sippy cups and refuse to drink out of them....ugh. I have heard about that bottle rot thing and am so paranoid! I'm sure little Luke is fine, but I hear ya on the Mommy guilt. Let me know what they say! Good luck :)