Thursday, January 10, 2013


So, have you seen the show Diggers?  It absolutely has to be the most annoying show on TV!  There's these two weirdo's with metal detectors looking for...metal I guess?...

So anyways, I've been fighting a cold for almost two weeks so every night I lay in bed for hours, just waiting to fall asleep.  The other night, I headed to bed and Kels decided to stay up and watch some "guy shows". 

Next thing I know, it sounds like THE most annoying game of Taboo is playing out in the living room.  Like every five seconds, BBBBEEEEP,  BEEEEEP, BEEEEEEEEEEP!  Ugh.  So, that's my two cents. 

Don't let your husbands watch Diggers if you expect to get any sleep.  End Rant!  Now I'm off to catch the sandman again.  YAY for tomorrow being Friday!

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