Friday, January 25, 2013

To Grow, or Not to Grow

1.  To grow.     Luke was sized for new shoes yesterday.  Turns out he needed to go up not one, but TWO sizes.  He's now in a size 6!  I knew it was time for a new pair, but two sizes?!?!?!  Poor thing probably thought I was binding his feet for an international cultural experience.

Aren't these cute?  These are the new kicks!

2.  Not to grow.      So I was all thinking (based on the shoe sitch) that we were going through a growth spurt and then I get a text this morning from my nanny, babysitter...whatever ya wanna call her, we love her!  She said:

 "I think these pants are too big :) he's been flashing all morning. LOL"                    

HAHAHAHA!!!!!  And these fit around Christmas time... So now I'm left wondering... are we growing or shrinking!?!?!  

Happy Friday!  We'll be going shopping for more shoes (and pulling out the old pants!)....

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