Friday, February 1, 2013

Dear Baby

Dear not so baby Baby,

Luke. Well you certainly keep your mama on her toes! Tonight was the first night you went to bed without a bottle. We had planned to stop a couple of weeks ago but mama was traveling for work and was honestly exhausted when she got home and was scared to see what our bedtime was like without your "ba-ba". On a whim, tonight, after going out to dinner where you ate so much pizza, your daddy and I decided we'd see what happened if we didn't do a bottle at bed. Honey, this really breaks your mama's heart in some ways because it's always been our time to cuddle before the end of the day. But baby you made me so proud tonight. You cuddled for a few minutes, kissed me goodnight, pointed to your crib and said "bye-bye". Clearly this is a bigger deal for me than it is for you. Mama's working it out. We'll get better but I hope you are sticking to this mentality because-- with a frog in my throat, not a real frog baby but the emotion was choking me-- I packed up your bottles. Every single one of them.

Except for one emergency major back up. I know it's best if we don't use it so keep snuggling.... Please?


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