Monday, June 18, 2012

Week(s?) in Pictures

Luke digs older chicks.  Especially cute little ones like her!

 Just talking with Mema (Luke's great Grandma Lillian Luke).  Again...he digs older chicks.  What can I say?

Trying to understand what's going on.  But I look good don't I?

LOVING his Aunt Kristin

And his cousin Sidney 

And Grammy and Pop.

This little guy sure can bring smiles to a hard situation.  

 A little windy but I like this picture

Still loving bath time.  So much so that usually there's a full on melt down when I finally pull him out of the tub.

So to get more water time, there's been lots of swimming --- in kiddy pools and big pools.  This was the first attempt at kiddy pool time at nanas with Reese and Jack.

And a trip to Magic Time Machine...which if I'm being honest was hands down one of the top three WORST meals I've ever had.  In my life.  NAAAAH. STEEEE.  But the kids loved it.  Even Luke was really hamming it up.  (if you don't know about it, DO NOT go for the food.  The waiters dress up in costumes -- ours was Peter Pan - and you eat in a school bus or pirate ship, etc.)  Food is most certainly not their forte. 

So, we're definitely staying busy - Luke loves summer time and it's getting much easier to get out and about with him!  More pics to come another day!

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