Monday, June 18, 2012

DJ Luke

While we were visiting OKC some "pro parents" (they have two precious girls) gave us a hand-me-down toy that we said we just had to have.  And wouldn't you know it, they were right....Luke loves his music table.  He thinks he's going to be a DJ when he grows up.  Check out his mad skills...
This was his first time to play with it and he must have stood up there for like ten minutes.  When I said "back your thing up" he was starting to dance.  And he only gets crazier each time we play with it!  So fun --- Thanks, Bridwells!  And BTW...not going to be a DJ.  I might have mentioned I think he has tendancies towards dentistry.  So, here's my proof...his favorite game right now:

And if his current skill level is any indicator...he's very gentle.  But his practice will be named Monkey Business or Monkey Teeth or something...because not only does he have gentle hands, but every once and a while he slips one of his "gentle toes" in too....Note my skillful grab on his left leg.  HA!

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