Monday, June 11, 2012

Look Alike Game

I always think it's so fun to look at baby pictures and compare Kelsey and I to Luke.  I think that Luke is a mini Kelsey but every now and then someone will point out that he has my eyes.  It seems like my friends and family tend to think he looks like me (and the rest of the Walkers for that matter) and Kelsey's friends and family agree with me, that Luke is a mini Kels!  Anyways, without further adieu....

Here are some of my baby pics....

And here's one of Kelsey.... I'll add more when he sends them over but this is all I've got this minute...'s's over thirty years old, people!

And in case you've's the little dude. 

e's changing so much lately.  He loves banging into things (in his walker, he'll back up to get a running start for a really good crash) and he has started laughing when mama says no.  He's "chatty" but really only gets out "mama" and "heeeyyyyyyy".  Too cute.  I'm loving each little accomplishment and can't believe he's already ten months!   And I'll post some videos soon.  

We've had a tough week...Kelsey and I each lost a grandparent in the past grandpa first on Friday and his grandma (mema) on Sunday. We know they are in a better place but of course wish that we could hug them one last time.  If I had to guess my granpa is being ornery and Mema is trying to keep him in line!  Good luck with that Mema --- you will both be missed! 

And just so I'm not Debbie Downer...I'll post some videos soon of Luke talking, spitting and clawing...we're still working on manners!  For now, he's my little wild animal! 

But really...what do you think?  Is Luke looking more like his daddy or me?  I'm curious for your input!

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