Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter... Deep in the Heart of Texas

So, I know this is ridiculous, but even when I first found out I was pregnant, I started looking forward to bluebonnet pictures.  There's just something so "Texas" about it.  I mean, really....where else can you trudge through a snake infested beautiful sea of blue to plop your baby down to snap a few shots???  Only in Texas would we find this a quintessential moment.  And I wasn't disappointed this year.  The only drawback is that Kelsey is the better photographer...and being from Oklahoma, he doesn't quite share the same enthusiasm as me.  So we had about 15 minutes before church this morning to snap some shots.  Oh, and who am I kidding?  We didn't really trudge through a snake infested field.  We were at JCPenney's headquarters.  Parked right off Legacy.  Yep, we cheated.  BUT, if I hadn't told you, would you have thought we were someplace fabulous?????  Maybe!

Oh, and next year.  WOAH... next year, it's on!!!  I can't wait until Luke can run in the field and play instead of sitting there a little confused as to what his mommy is so excited about.  Plus, by then, I completely expect to be more familiar with my camera and I can call the shots.  That's the rule.  You take em, you call em...which means more props and more pics!

Starting out, he was a little unsure....

Better with mommy....

Seriously, I love this guy something fierce!
I love this one....but I'm calling my hairdresser TOMORROW....Nice of my roots to join us for the photo op though!

Wait...Mom....where'd you go???

Don't leave me here, guys!

Let's just call this one proof that he is in fact my child.  Everyone always says how much he looks like Kelsey, but that whole "eyes nearly closed but just peeking through"???  That's my signature move.

Now, he's looking like a Texan pro!

Then it was off to church.  We sat in the cry room the whole time.  But it worked out great - and he really didn't cry.  Poor thing is just so stuffy that we knew he would be all snorty when he took his bottle just as the service started!

From church, we were off to Nana and Pappas!

Except that "someone" was worn out from the photo shoot.  And church...

But just a quick nap in the car and he's ready for the egg hunt...poor thing didn't stand a chance with this crowd!  His daddy was the big winner, finding the egg with $20!  All in, we cleared about $45 as a family--- wooo woooooo!

And finally, our first family Easter pic.

 So... .that was our day!  Hope you had a happy Easter and managed to take some time to reflect on the true blessings of the day!

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  1. What a beautiful baby! I'm from Oklahoma, but I totally "get" the bluebonnet pics! Maybe it's a girl thing?!