Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Away

It was a scary thing but a little over a week ago, Kelsey and I had our first weekend away from our sweet little boy.  Kelsey's parents came to stay with Luke.  We knew he was in good hands but it was confirmed with the patient replies to my texts and calls....and Kelsey's texts and calls.  It doesn't look like he was missing us too much --- this is one of the pictures we got as an update....

We left town Friday morning, and after an awesome southern fried lunch at a roadside cafe, headed to our friends ranch in Weimer, TX.  "Where is Weimer?" you are probably wondering....and the answer is:    

in the middle of nowhere!!!

It's actually just outside of LaGrange if that helps at all, but you feel like you are literally in the sticks.  It was just what we needed.  The ranch is a working pecan farm and it's beautiful.  I just didn't get a ton of pictures because of the constant rain.  And the fact that it was so muddy we only ventured down to the river once (in the pouring rain) for fear that we'd get stuck in the mud. Even the ranch hand -- a Cajun who's dog is named Aggravator, ha!!! -- said not to go past the barn...which was like, oh, maybe 100 yards from the house!  So we stayed close to the cabin.

We shot guns -- at nonliving things like skeet and beer cans and at living things like trees...I know, crazy right?  Disclaimer:  Again, it was super muddy and rainy most of the weekend so excuse the glamour....

We ate and drank lots-- some (ahem, as I sheepishly raise my hand) more than others... And confirmed the fact that we are in fact getting old.  And I learned that I can't quite hang like I used to!  ha!

We even cooked smores over a campfire and played Catchphrase which was the highlight of my weekend.  More than all of that though, we just laughed.  In fact, we laughed until we had tears running down our faces and our abs were sore from the work out.  Normally, the Turners aren't crazy about ab workouts.  But this was just what we needed!  Thanks Casey and Lane for the invite and the hospitality!  Thanks to the whole group (Lane, Casey, Sharon and Brandon, and my sweet husband) for the laughter.  SO MUCH FUN!  Can not WAIT to do it again and next time, we'll order in some better weather!

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