Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snap Crackle Pop

I don't have just a ton of time but have to get this story down.  First, let me start by saying that I took Luke to the pediatrician yesterday for his 6 month checkup.  Blows me away to think that my lil tiny baby is 6 months, but beyond that...he's over 15 pounds!  Ya'll...he's off the preemie growth charts and measuring up against full term babies that are six months.  In that regard, he's in the 20% for height, 15% for weight and 10% for his head.  All that hard work his little body has been doing is paying off.
So, as I thank God and seriously am maybe a step or two away from a happy dance, the pediatrician says she wants to try something different on his feedings.  I had seen this coming from a week away.  RICE CEREAL.  She's giving me the "recipe"-- 1 tbsp of rice cereal mixed with some warm milk to a soupy consistency and then offer a bottle afterwards.  So I repeat it back to her...

ME:       So, just 1 tbsp of rice cereal with milk.  And when you say rice cereal...


ME:         Well, I haven't read books on the subject or anything because I don't want to put Luke into some box and I think he will do things on his own time table.  So I don't know about this part [this is my way of acknowledging that what's about to come out of my mouth is a doozy]

DR:       Oh, that's fine.  There are no dumb questions!

ME:       Well, ok.  When you say rice cereal, are you talking......RICE KRISPIES?

DR:        [laughing her face off] Let's try the Gerber brand first.  And thank you for the laugh!

ME:      Anytime.  Please don't call CPS.  And don't test me again - I can always come up with a stupid question if pushed to it.  

HA!  What makes this even better is that I was recapping the story to Kelsey and as he's even laughing at me I was all, "and like you know what rice cereal is!?!?"  and he just shook his head and said, "No.  But I know what it ISN'T."   Touché, my love.... touché .

So as a public service to any other mom who might have a six month old and might be spinning her wheels on how to mash Rice Krispies so that they would ever be a soup consistency, try for this:


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  1. I LOVE that... Too funny! Kyla has had cereal in her milk since 3 months to help with reflux, it has helped a bit. Good luck!