Monday, February 13, 2012

Not a Fan

Here it comes....  Yummmm..


Do you love it?  

Maybe daddy can get some in that trap...

Here it comes again....

Whatcha think?

Is it sooooo delicious!?!?!?

Mommy's got another bite for you....

 Are you a big boy eating cereal?!?!?!

Make sure you wipe your mouth...

Oh.  Wait.  Yep.  This stuff is disgusting.  No go. 

The missing picture is after this when he spit it ALL out.  We were too busy cleaning at that point to get any pics but you can imagine.  SO, any tips on getting him to take his rice cereal like a champ?


  1. Keep trying. Part of it that he's not used to the consistency and he might need to stick with it a few times to figure out when he's supposed to do. Are you mixing it with a little flavor? A dollop of jar food (applesauce, banana, pears, or anything really) will give it lots of flavor - which he will hopefully love!

  2. You might try to make it a little thicker...Hayden tends to like hers thicker. I just went thru one can of rice cereal with her then I switched to the oatmeal. No flavors just plain oatmeal (in the baby section...don't want to confuse you...he he). I have been also mixing a little of her veggies with the oatmeal at the end just to get her use to eating veggies. I stick with the same veggie for 3 days just to make sure there are no allergies. We have done sweet potatoes so far. We just started the veggies and she is not a huge fan but I think it is getting use to it more than anything.