Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh, 2010... I'm so over you

So, let the record reflect that I'm officially 100% OVER 2010. As if I hadn't already decided this was my roughest year to date, my poor dog is at the hospital as I type. He went to the vet this morning and the vet's machine that analyzes blood mysteriously broke at noon when they were scheduled to close. I know, ironic right?!?!? The vet said we could get the results Monday... if Riley made it that long. So we took him to a 24 hour ER vet clinic. His red blood count which should be between 60 and 70 was at 13.  His white blood count was much too high and his platelette count was off as well.  So, we are currently halfway through a blood transfusion, waiting to see if it works and keeping our fingers crossed. He's definitely part of the Turner family and we sure are worried about him.

Oh, and let the record further reflect I have not spent this much in one day with the exception of buying a car. Double whammy. But definitely worth it for my poor doggie. Here's a pic of my sweet boy when we left him for his blood transfusion. Bless his heart!

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