Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our New Normal

I think it's safe to say, chaos is my "new normal".  Maybe not new...For as long as I can remember my dad has always told me that I was the most organized person he's ever met that can exist in a constant state of drama.  Well, not one to disappoint let me completely oversimplify a couple things.

1.  Our house is on the market.  And twice the sale has fallen through.  So there's been a bit of uncertainty around if we were moving.  If so, when, where... all that fun.

2.  Luke's babysitter had to give notice.  He's moved from personalized, one on one, in home care to an in-home daycare with five other kids.  No comment on how this is going other than to say it's rotten.  And totally not for wimps.  (Or maybe we are the wimps and that's why it's hard?  I digress... but let's just say he's thrown himself down on the ground kicking, screaming and spitting the past two drop offs.)
3.  An offer was accepted on our house and the closing is scheduled for June 3.  That means we are moving out May 24.  Fortunately, we found a house in the same neighborhood, have scheduled to transfer utilities, all that good stuff... and it's completely a done deal as of yesterday.

So, you can imagine my tremendous sense of relief when we knew as of last night that we had a place to move, it's still in the same neighborhood, not going to completely bankrupt us, signed, funded all that.  I literally walked in the door last night feeling like a huge load had been lifted.

And then I hear dripping.  It wasn't raining (outside).  A pipe in the attic had backed up and was leaking through our ceiling, down the blinds and dripping onto the window seat.

So, yep chaos.  It's the new normal....  Instead of buying packing tape and throwing our belongings haphazardly into boxes tonight, this mama is headed to happy hour with some girls at work. 

Have a lovely day!  Bring your rain boots (and packing tape.  and a bottle of wine) if you plan on dropping by my house this weekend!

And to add some sweetness to all this sass....
Hitting Target like a ladies man

Eating dirt, no big deal...

Deciding that clothes are overrated, clearly...

Makin it rain

Mobile naps, a way of life when you're showing your house!

Hijacking a friends truck since toys are put away at home

Daddy's in charge of teaching all the really important riding a scooter!

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