Thursday, December 6, 2012

Calling all non Pinterest Moms!!!

I'm so not crafty.  I feel like I used to be but maybe corporate America has drained me of all creativity?  Who knows!  But I read this blog and loved the idea!  SO.... anyone interested in taking part in this?  We could make it a virutal swap and mail the grab bags?  If you're interested, leave a comment or shoot me a message. 
I'm shamelessly copy and pasting from The Poop Whisperer so I want to be sure Corey gets all the credit.  Again, I'm telling ya-- I lack the creativity to come up with these things.  But I could certainly think up one activity and make however many different sets and mail it out!

So as I've mentioned before, I'm not a crafter.  Before I decided to stay home/ start a photography business, I was a reporter.  Not a teacher.  My degree is in communications.  So kids learning activities in our house are books, and puzzles, and toys.  Until now.

Last night my IRL friend Megan (who has an amazing blog with TONS of phenomenal ideas of awesome stuff to do with your kids) hosted a Busy Bag Swap.  It's like a cookie exchange only with kids activities and fewer calories.  I went because I like her, she assigned me a 'busy bag' to make (because I'm not good at coming up with these things on my own), and there was a wine tasting (the guy, kind of a downer, but he brought wine and poured it into glasses. I'm not picky).  Not necessarily in that order.

And I came home with 9 activities to do with my kids, all ready go to.  The paper is cut. The pieces are together.  They're ready to go and I'm in love.

So, here's my loot.

Christmas tree decorating game, complete with dice and decorations. First one to 15 wins!

Fiddle sticks with 200 (yes 200) sight words for your kids to learn!

Cut up pool noodles for building and creating!

Homemade play-doh with decorations to build a snowman!

Clothes pin number match! 

Colander man with pipe cleaners and fruit loops!

Balloon tennis!

Popsicle stick shape creating!

And not pictured my contribution of 'clean mud'.  Toilet paper, grated Ivory soap.  Just add water and voila!

For like 10 bucks (spent on supplies for my clean mud) I came home with 9 things that are going to make me a rockstar mom!  And they're things that can be used for both of my kids!  

So what's my point?  You should have a 'busy bag swap'.  Do it.  You know you want to.  Oh and don't forget the wine. :) 

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