Wednesday, November 28, 2012

15 month update (a few weeks late!)

Well, hello again!  Long time no blog.  My bad!  Been super busy.  See, this whole "walking thing" has become a "running, screaming, playing, on the go, tantrum throwing, , non-stop action thing" and well, something had to give.

That being said, a couple things I want to recap, although I don't have the best pictures this go round. 

A couple of weeks ago, we went to watch my niece cheer at the Frisco Football League Superbowl.  For first graders playing flag football, this is an incredibily big deal!  There was tailgating - including RVs!  Nuts, right!?!?! -- announcers, half time shows, you name it.  Luke and his cousin Jack loved checking out the older girls!

That's Luke there on the left.  Don't he and Jack look like trouble?  Just wait till they're in high school!

Oh, and let's not even talk about the fact that I last blogged about Halloween and now I'm already doing a recap of Thanksgiving.  But I digress...So, it's almost tradition now that we spend Thanksgiving Day with my in-laws and extended family on that side In OKC.  Then, Saturday we do another Thanksgiving meal with my family back at home.  Just to make sure we get a jump start on our holiday weight gain.  So we headed to OKC on Tuesday, having lots of snacks along the way to keep our little guy busy:

He may have had a crumb or two fall along the way.  But he learned to smash crackers while making his hulk, kung fu sound which is Hilarious.  Here's a re-enactment of him showing his muscles and growling.  Not a super loud growl but hopefully you can hear it.  Please excuse mommy talk.

We had a relaxing time at my in-laws with Luke's grammy, pop, aunt, unlce, cousins, and great-uncles etc (ha, bet that makes them feel old since they are like, my age!!!!)  hahahaha.

Anyways, lots of Thanksgiving fun was had...TWICE!

SO, 15 months... my sweet lil cave man!  He really is.  He points and says "Uh?" at everything  and is so curious and wants me to tell him what everything is.  He's also quite an opinionated little fella and is learning what "no" means.  He's got four teeth on top, two all the way in on the bottom and two more on bottom peeking through.  The doctor today told us he thinks molars will be next --- ouch!


weight:        22lbs 4.5 oz   ... not so preemie anymore, in the 20th percentile of normal growth charts!

length:         30.5 inches   the nurse measured 31 the first time and 30 the second, so I'm taking the average....  that puts him in the 15th%

head:           18 inch circumference, putting him in the 10% percentile.  Small noggin or not, he's pretty smart!

Speaking of smart, he's using words in context:  here's a list ---- mom ("mmmum"), dad ("dah"), dog ("daag"), fish (fsssh), bottle ("baba"), bye ("buh" and he waves and blows kisses with this one). 

As much as I love my "baby" and I'm so proud of how far he's already come, he's quite the challenge these days.  We've had some serious battles with reflux lately and can't seem to get a bedtime routine down.  We tend to take a bath, get ready for bed, take a bath, get ready for bed...and so on.  The good news is, once he's asleep, he gets a good 10-12 hours.  But forget a nap during the day! 

As one friend and I have decided, kids are incredible and it's like watching your heart walk around outside your body...but I will say that this isn't all puppies and rainbows! 

Luke, you keep us on our toes but we love you with all we've got!  I can't wait to see what the next few months hold in store for us!!!  MUAH!

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