Monday, October 15, 2012

Mr. Run Around

For about a week or so, Luke's been really close to walking.  Pushing carts and getting brave enough to take a step or two before he sat down.  Well, well, well....guess we caught on video Friday?

Introducing, Mr. Run Around:

Kelsey actually took a video of the original video (on mute) so we could share without piercing any ear drums...let's just say we got "a little excited"! 

After that, it was like a marathon this weekend!  We went non-stop ... I guess that's the way it's going to be now but it's still so strange!  Luke is go, go, go!  We play in the cabinets.  Walk to his room.  Walk back in the living room (eat a dust ball or hair ball from the dog, whichever is readily available and he thinks he can get to before I can stop him).  Walk to the front door (lick the window), watch the kids playing outside, walk back to the living room (search for another hairball, etc), walk to the office, push out his truck, walk back to the living room (go straight to the source and pull the hair off directly off the dog) and on and on and on. 

I guess I need to keep the camera handy instead of always using my phone.  I hate how blurry these are!

Anyways, with all this walking around, my little hippie barefoot baby was going to need some shoes.  He has fat wide feet so we haven't had much luck so far finding shoes that he'd leave on.  We went with his NICU girlfriend and her mama to go shopping and grab lunch while the daddies watched the Texas/OU game.  Well, leave it to a new pair of Nike's to make Luke happy.  We are now investing in three more pairs :)

Ew.  Gross!  Who's wrinkled old lady finger is that?  Oh wait, Nevermind.  that's mine! 

I'm guessing videos are about to get way more fun but pictures are going to be infinitely harder.  We'll do our best!  I'm already thinking about Christmas cards so here's to hoping!

Have a great week!

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