Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stroller Shopping

I'm on the hunt for a stroller and need suggestions!  We've been using the snap and go Graco frame that his carseat just hooks onto... but Luke's getting so big, I think it's time to transition to a bigger stroller, where he can face back or front.  He loves his jogger but it's just too big to maneuver through the mall -- or anyplace other than the neighborhood park!

So, I need some suggestions!  Do I go used or new?  Is there a particular make/model to consider?  If I'm being honest, I use the stroller at least once a week, probably more and nine times out of ten it's in the busy mall on a Saturday.  But I also don't know how long we'll use it once he's more mobile.  And so I'm not ready to drop a couple hundred dollars on a G Ride.

So.... this "beauty" is a little out of the question:
 Although we are pretty gangster at Stonebriar Mall. 


  1. We use the Maclaren Triumph. It's super light and consumer reports gives it a good rating. I think I paid $90.

    1. Good to know. I keep hearing either a Maclaren or a City Mini. Did you buy new or find a good deal on one at like Kid to Kid or someplace like that? I haven't bought anything used yet and still don't have a good idea of what is ok to buy used and what needs to be new...

  2. Take ours for a test run. We love it. Bought it last year and researched it a lot to get a light weight but sturdy, folds easily, compact, cute and good price. Honestly when I look at used prices at kid-to-kid or others the price isn't that much better. I'd buy new and you know I'm cheap :-)
    Oh and u will use it a while. Jacks super mobile but we use ours multiple times a week still.