Monday, August 15, 2011


3lbs 0.3 ounces, 17.5 inches

There's a ton to catch up on blogging and I definitely want to document it all... but time is a little sparse these days!  Luke decided to do things on HIS schedule and came to meet his crazy family 9 weeks early!  What a little stinker!

We love him beyond words and although this journey isn't what we had planned, it's showing us what a strong little boy we already have on our hands. 

Sorry, no time to reformat that last one to be oriented correctly.....

Please say a prayer for Luke to continue to grow stronger with every day.

And here's a link for some more sweet pictures.  I especially like the one where he's holding Dude's Dude's wedding ring.  He's just a tiny little nugget of a boy!

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