Friday, March 11, 2011


Today is shaping up to be a rough one.  Yes, it's Friday.  Yes, I get to leave at noon.  In fact, it's even my 30th birthday.  But 30 isn't shaping up to be so fabulous (pun intended).

The zipper on my favorite jeans busted today.  Not just like kinda came a little bit apart.  But straight up tore the teeth off the zipper and my pants are now gaping open.  At work.  And I still have thirty minutes left to sit at my desk trying to hide.  With a huge happy birthday balloon that makes hiding, well, let's just say a little bit tricky.  I'm going to spend the next twenty minutes convincing myself that my jeans that are six years old if I'm being honest are worn out.  NOT too small.  But....  it might be pointless.  I think I've lost the last shred of my youth!  Happy friggin 30th, huh?

Hope you are having a better day than me -- enjoy the weather this weekend if you're in Dallas!

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