Thursday, March 7, 2013


Have I really been a married woman for four years?  In so many ways it seems like so much longer - I think because I can't imagine life any other way--- but then I think back to the wedding and the honeymoon and it seems like just a little bit ago that we were so fortunate to have so many friends and family in the same room to mark the occasion with us.  Four years sounds so short.  Especially the way time flies by these days or when I think about my grandparents that were married almost 75 years.  But when I think about how drastically our lives have changed for the better in these past four years, it puts things into perspective.

Four Years
1,460 days
208 weekends
35,040 hours
3 houses
4 new jobs (combined)
2 international vacations (Costa Rica and Mexico)
Lots of weekend get aways
32 days of visiting our heart outside our body (Luke in the NICU) which brings me to...
By far our coolest "accomplishment", one crazy little boy

I'm so lucky to have married a man that makes me laugh.  That loves our family with all his heart.  Who sants to be the best husband, father, and friend that he can be.  If you want to see the night that started our married life, our slide show is still out there, which makes me happy to no end.  You can watch it here:  Carrie & Kelsey Wedding Slide Show

What a fun celebration that was, and honestly one that I feel like continues on!  Here's to another fourTY or so more!  Definitely going to dust the 'ol album off and flip through it tonight while we eat a fancy dinner of frozen pizza or Eggos or something.  But don't worry, we're celebrating big on Saturday.  Luke's spending the night with his Nana and Poppa and Kelsey and I are heading out on the town!

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