Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well, I'm sure you haven't been able to sleep lately, wondering what we are up to.  Hmmm???  What's that?  You didn't realize I haven't blogged in almost two weeks?  Oh, well then sssshhhh...let's just keep that between us ;)

Anyways, what HAVE we been up to!?!?!  Quick recap:  I went to Atlanta, friends visited from Kentucky (I didn't get a SINGLE PIC!!!),  Luke said "mama", I worked a bunch, Kelsey worked even more, bought a new stroller (which I'm FANATICAL about---love it!), went to Kansas City, caught the early flight home to get to my sick baby...only to find he was doing better.  He even stayed up late....AND CRAWLED.  YA'LL....MY BABY IS CRAWLING!!!!!!!!!   Can I just tell you how bitter sweet that is?  I'm so happy that he's developing and growing and getting stronger all the time.  But my BAAAAAYBEEEEEE is almost a TODDLER.  And that straight up blows my mind.  A couple more months and this shindig I've kind of, sort of already started planning will be underway to celebrate Luke turning one.  (*tear)

We go to his nine month checkup Friday and I am definitely excited to see how we've been doing.  When you're used to visiting the doctor every week or two and then you go TWO MONTHS without a visit, it's nice because you actually start to listen to your instincts on what to do and when, but it makes this mama a little antsy to know how lil man is doing!  Not antsy maybe...but definitely interested.

We're working on sippy cups.  Not doing a wonderful job but he gets some of it in his mouth I'm sure!

Luke naps great for mommy and not so great for Nana and the nanny.  So the only thing I know to do is to keep working on it and just really emphasize the time of the schedule and not so much the place or the person.  And somedays, when he's supposed to be asleep and isn't, his naps go mobile. And it totally works every time.

I love this picture!  Hopefully you can see his little face in the mirror...too funny.  Oh, and we love these shoes to...they're hand me downs from his cousin Jack and they fit "Luke's style" so perfectly...
yes, I know he may not have his own style that he vocalizes yet, but he definitely has a look that works best on him.  Comfy, casual and preppy.  Atttta boy!

We hung a swing in our front yard.  Yes, we're now "those" neighbors.  I actually had to debate it with Kelsey that it wasn't a big deal....and I really don't think it is.  But he fought me tooth and nail on it.  Until it was hung and he saw how much LUKE LOVES IT!  We even swing in our jammies right before bed just to make sure we are getting some fresh air.

Just maxin and relaxin, bach-ing it up with Daddy while I was in Atlanta.

Had to get the mustache out again for Cinco de Mayo.  That's about as far as our celebration went

But enough about kids!  HAHAHA!  Can you believe this massive (dead) snake that was floating in the pond behind my parent's house?  It was an event to say the least..  I can already picture Luke and Jack messing with all this nastiness as they get bigger.  And I've got a feeling they're Uncle J will be right along side of them!


  1. We have the swing in our front yard too!

  2. I'm going to have nightmares about that snake!!!