Thursday, January 12, 2012

Split Personality

I'm pretty sure I'm leading a double life.  Or have a split personality.  Or something.

By day:
I literally wore these yesterday and was praying a tram would magically appear to drive me to my car at the end of the day.  STUPID.

And by night....errrr, if I'm being honest....the second I walk in the door:

Actually, I don't have these slippers.  YET.  This Friday, they will be mine.  Don't they look amazing!?!?!  My anticipation about these bad boys has me seriously evaluating my shoe collection.  Don't judge---it can only be described as a collection.  But the variety is really getting ridiculous.  A little case of bi-polar shoe selection.  I NEED HELP FOR MY ADDICTION!  I'm planning to clean my closet out this weekend and I'm going to box up what I think I don't want.  I'll store it up in the attic...just in case...and if I haven't got in the box in a couple months, adios!  Is this a ridiculous plan or sheer genius?  I just don't know yet!

Anyone out there have stubs for feet like I do?  If you wear a 5.5, let me know...I just might be able to share my collection with you.  In a month or two.  It's a process people....taking this all a day at a time....

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