Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Preggo Update

Pregnancy Update  - almost 27 weeks

So, this is more for me than you.  Feel free to check back in, oh, another week or so when I post something that's not targeting audience "me".

Total Weight Gained: I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong - I weigh myself almost daily.  But it really varies.... but okay, how about a noncommittal, somewhere in the range of 11 - 14 pounds.  (eeek!)  And Luke and I are measuring two weeks ahead of schedule.  I should find out next week if this means an adjustment of my due date.

Sleep: Wish it was better!  I don't have any trouble falling asleep but it's tough to stay asleep.  On the bright side of things, I'm starting to get a lot accomplished in my nocturnal hours!

Maternity Clothes: Pants and shorts are a necessity. Shirts and some summer dresses are still a mix.

Best Moment of the Week: Dude's Dude read to little dude the other night (yes, read to utero...) and it made me so happy to know I've married such a great father.  These two could be double trouble though if Luke takes after daddy too much!

Food Cravings: None really. I do find myself thinking about banana pudding a lot but I don't really act on it so I don't count it as a craving. 

Aversions: Still can't do BBQ.  So sad in the summertime to miss out on it!

Symptoms: Umm.. normal stuff. My stomach is bigger (or massive depending on my angle), my back hurts occasionally, I pee a lot, the usual.

Movement: Oh yes. I've been feeling movement for a good 5 weeks now. Love it.  I'm even seeing a bit of the tummy jumps when he gets real active.

Gender: Yep, thus why I mentioned Little Dude above.  The mini mister is Luke James!

What I miss: A really hot bath with a really cold glass of white wine.

What I'm looking forward to: 3-D sono next week!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm finally starting to let people help with things - in fact, dude's dude cleaned the house, we ordered pizza and I have finally started to let some of the "small things" go.

Milestones: According to BabyCenter, my uterus is apparently the size of basketball.  How's that for a milestone?     :)

And, for a pic

And because it makes me laugh, check out my view from above...

HOLY MOLY, YA'LL!  I think I'm gonna have a toddler instead of a newborn!

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