Friday, February 11, 2011

This is my confession...

So, the people linking up to this Friday Confessional have some great ones!  And since I just figured out how to play along and link up to the button.... This is my confession...
I CONFESS... Whenever I hear Boys II Men, I will always think of my husband and I screaming singing  in the car while driving around when we first started dating.  And it wasn't in the nineties.  We just happen to like music from our middle school years.  And we used to have a "dance party" his garage...just the two of us...after we'd been out drinking.  This part did not include Boys II Men, but man, I wish there was a hidden camera to remind us of our crazier days!  Now, that's a dorky confession, right?
I CONFESS... I need to do laundry so bad that I am wearing one tan sock and one black sock -- the last two socks left were mismatched.  So I planned my outfit around my boots that would hide my sock faux pas.
I CONFESS... I shop online.  A lot.  But I always delete my cart before paying.  Something like window shopping but a heck of a lot more convenient from my desk at work!
I CONFESS... we aren't doing Valentine's gifts.  We decided to buy a treadmill instead.  Oh, and go out to dinner.  Something about the goal behind the treadmill and the fattening dinner planned are clashing.  But it fits us so perfectly!
I CONFESS... that I don't blog as often as I'd like.  I sometimes wonder how much to reveal on "the internets".  But then I'm like, is anyone even out there?!?!  Which, either way, makes me think "why bother?"  So bear with me.... I'm working it out!
Have a happy weekend!

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