Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Get-Away?

 I desperately want to take a trip for my 30th bday/ 2nd anniversary in March.  For one, I don't want to confront that birthday head on.  But two, it would be so great to get out of our loatheful house and enjoy a weekend!  Here's a couple ideas - what's your vote?


New Orleans ("N'awlins")

Let me go ahead and state for the weekend that while I've physcially been to each of these, I haven't vacationed in any of them!  I'd love to visit them all, but, ya know, with this whole "job thing" we do, we need to just pick one.  What do you suggest?  Keep in mind, that I don't want to just have a debaucherous time.  Ok, that will be part of it, but I really want to go somewhere and see the city!!!  Please, leave me some input!

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